Aug 15, 2012
Kenneth Verlage

Where love starts


Lovability is the future. Usability failes because it forgets our feelings. If people doesn’t love your stuff, you’re out.

But what brings love?

After my last post on the topic, many suggested the simplicity of Apps. Sure, Apps are pointing in the way of the future, they are simple to use (because they ARE simple), they dont ruin the performance of the hardware, they are more and more interconnected – sharing logins and data and they are fairly priced. And THAT is the future of IT. A swarm of services (services because local apps are just a workaround for bad connectivity) that interconnects, that shares data, functions and logins. Like Twitter share with Klout or Google share between its applications. This is all still quite simple, but will soon be getting more and more complex – and this is important – behind the scenes. The complexity will not clutter the user experience, rather enhance it. And that is spot on, because we dont want simple – we want simple to use. And there is a HUGE difference.

Imagine a simple car. Steering wheel, three pedals and a stick. Thats it. Nothing more. Now imagine a luxury sedan, like a Mercedes or a Cadillac. Stuffed with electronics, luxury, safety details and you name it. But still it got the steering wheel, pedals and a stick (be it automatic). The basics are the same, and driving is all the same. None of the extras gets in the way of the driving. Its only there to help, to make the experience better or safer. If you want to drive, just go. You know how, in any car. And when we buy cars we dont chose “simple” but rather charming, sporty, practical or whatever makes us tick. But simple to use is a given. In all cars.

Compare that to the average corporate computersystem where you are looking at the controls of a Boeing 747. Buttons everywere, controils all over the place. No way can you find the few relevant knobs for the task at hand.

So go for Simple to use, but not Simple.

That is the future of IT-systems.

And that’s where love starts.


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