Aug 23, 2012
Kenneth Verlage

Wake up and pay attention: Consumer IT won.

I use super safe passwords. We are talking extremely safe. Totally unbreakable.

For me that is. I always keep forgetting the tons of user id's and passwords needed to use computing and Internet. I was therefor greatly surprised when registering for Twitterfeed the other week- I didn't have to make up another internet identify but was allowed to reuse one I already had – like Facebook or Google. Without Twitterfeed being affiliated with Google or Facebook but enabled by something called Open ID. “Really cool” I thought!

Also very convenient is Instagram. Having snapped a picture with your smartphone you can choose to share it in other networks like Facebook, Twitter and all the other majors with a click. Not only cool because it's so easy to share but also because Instagram doesn't lock up the data (your picture) I'm their own network. That's having courage in your business model if you ask me!

Friends, it's pretty clear that Consumer IT won this one.

Since ALL TIMES Corporations and Corporate IT have been spearheading development and functionality. So we dragged Windows back to our homes and private lives and so we spent a fortune on MS Office, Photoshop and Tank-sized PCs.

Thank God SAP never released a Home-edition. That would have sent many good families to the street – broke and totally confused.

Now that have ALL changed. Very fast and in fact so fast not everyone noticed. Or to be correct, not many at all noticed. Yet. But if you are in the trade it is time to wake up and pay attention.

Swarms of applications, not officialy affiliated, sharing data and credentials are the future of corporate IT systems. It is the future of ALL IT. And this both within your company AND beyond. If you want to connect and do e-business with another company you just connect. Like placing a call, like sending a mail.

This is happening RIGHT NOW on a GLOBAL SCALE on the consumer side. But us on the corporate IT side are still stuck in Windows XP-dead-end-land. Afraid to admit we lost, if I'm kind – never realized that we did if I'm not!

So get over the pride! Get over that we lost the battle for development and start moving.

In the end only the dinosaurs will stay with the dinosaur systems. And we all know how THEIR carrieers ended.

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