Sep 11, 2012
Kenneth Verlage

The perfect Company

The grass actually DO look greener on the other side – that is not just a saying but a fact. This is due to an optical illusion created by the viewers angle. What from above looks patchy and inconsistent looks from the side as impenetrable, beautiful green.

This optical illusion is true for companies aswell – the angle of view have a tremendous impact on the perceived quality of the establishment.

Seen from the side one can see only what IS there. People, products and processes – all solid and all bundled together to an invincible and beautiful company. When you are inside a company and looking at things from above you see ALSO what is NOT there. The patches in the lawn. The things that shold have been in place, but isn’t. The jobs that should have been done, but wasn’t.

So we all adore companies like Apple, Google and IKEA for their great success and perfect products. We strive hard to reach their level, and so we should. But it is also extremely important to remember that the green grass illusion applies also here. They have reached a great level of perfection, but they are not perfect.

Failing to see this and you risk ending up bitter and frustrated in your Leadership after years of chasing ideals that were never there.

So stop glancing at the perfect lawns around you and stop trying to grow your own to the same illusionary standard.
Get down to reality and excel where it REALLY matters.

And enjoy the knowledge that this will make your grass look DAMN green from afar.

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