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Sep 22, 2010
Kenneth Verlage

Google killed the Web

Back home, the family uses Apple computers. Not long ago i was sitting and thinking what made Apple so attractive to modern users.

I came to the conclution that it was the beauty of simplicity. Not only is it easy to buy an Apple computer, you just choose size and you are done. If you want a PC there are more choices to make and decisions to take than ants in a stack. You need to be a Professor to understand the specs and a nuclear scientist to understand the sum of the parts. The simplicity coninues after delivery, too. Apple have already choosen the programs for you and the varieties are limited – but real good. If you want to surf you go Safari. End of discussion.

This brought my thoughts to the world of the web – and i realized that the chaos out there might not last forever, i felt that i was longing for something else, some guidance, some quality and some order. If i need to do a CAD drawing, i first need to spend days on finding the right tool. And the tool that i eventually find is likely to be so complicated that i end up drawing with pen and paper instead.

Then, last week i read an article by Chris Anderson (the author of books like “The Long Tail” and “Free”) in my favourite magazine Wired, named “The Web is Dead“.

Chris Anderson might be the smartest guy out there when it comes to internet trends, so when he speaks it is wise to listen.

He basically says that Google have taken over the web, and no other company can any longer earn money out there as Google dominates search and advertising.

So what companies does to live online is to move away from the web, into locked spaces like Facebook where Googles search spiders can not crawl or (back) into applications, nowadays called “apps”, still using Internet as the medium – but not the Web.

Important to realise those two are not the same, they are often confused.

And as it turns out, we as consumer LOVE apps! Because they makes things simple, and does the job without hazzle we have become willing to pay for what on the web is free.

Which brings us back to the experience of buying an Apple. We are coming to the stage where we are willing to pay more to get less (but in better order and with better quality and pre selected for us).

Looks like we have matured to the point where we now wants to use information technology to support our daily life, instead of putting our daily life into experimenting with IT.

This means something for us as CIO’s, too – for our future developments of customer facing systems. It might even open up for some great innovations if we are quick.

And if we can figure out how to ride the wave.

You are smart lads, think about it. Give me your feedback!