Feb 26, 2013
Kenneth Verlage


He is one of the smartest guys around and also a great communicator.

The combination is rarer that you might expect.

But when Gartners Dave Aron entered the room at Gartners 2012 Global Symposium Series and told me that HR does’t work i went clueless.

What does he mean, “doesn’t work”? Then it struck me and i was literary blown off the chair. It DOESN’T work. Its a fake. A theory gone wrong. Its “The emperors new clothes” and Dave just screamed “naked”.

What exactly is it that doesn’t work? Do you know one single person who got his or her latest promotion based on the HR-process? When was the last time a Talent Management Process kicked in and actually managed your talent? Just doesn’t happen that way, right?

Managing people and managing talent are all about personal relationship.
HR in big firms are all about processes.
Personal relationships cant be regulated in processes. Period.

So come on, HR-directors – why are you so passive? Go re-invent – its time to step up and realise your importance. Dare to take the responsibility that is yours.

We need a new model, Daves suggestioncant be the only way forward!




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