Aug 30, 2012
Kenneth Verlage

Great leadership – art or illusion?

“Daddy, daddy I stepped on this bug and now its not flying anymore…why daddy?”

I’m the father of four and so i’m used to all sorts of questions about all sorts of stuff. All of which i try to answer in the best way I can. I lead my kids and I try to answer their questions based on the life i have lived and the experience i have drawn. My whole authority is based on the fact that i know things and they don’t.

Being a Manager and leading people at work is something entirely different. Or is it?

You cant lead grown ups entirely out of experience, or no one could be a business leader before the age of 60. But still the expectations on you as a leader are the same as with you as a parent – you are supposed to know what to do in EVERY situation and always have a wise answer. And while you as a parent always can fall back on a life of own experience, this you can’t be sure of as a business leader. And while as a parent the young audience adores everything abot you and loves even your mistakes, you can be pretty damn sure that is NOT the case being a business leader. And still it can be so rewarding.

I have been a business leader for some 20 years now. Successful years. Big companies, global tasks and huge budgets. But still very local and personal, as leading people must be.

And like it or not -. 20 years makes me a Senior. And i have done things that worked and things that didn’t. I have made friends and enemies, there has been tears and laughters.

But still, im good at this. I know I am.

So what makes a great manager? A great leader?

Are there even great leaders, or is that only a illusion?

I am going to dig into this question from a strictly personal view in some future artichles. Tell you some things that I have learned, share some tears and share some laughter,

Stay tuned!


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