Sep 4, 2012
Kenneth Verlage

Great leaders are like rainbows

I was maybe 10. It was a beautiful day and kids playing everywhere on the schoolyard of the small country school of Götlunda where i spent my first years in class. But I was in despair.

I had co-founded a club at school, with five or six friends. The mission was maybe a bit unclear but we ran around having tons of fun. I was the self proclaimed leader of the group, and the others all had different grades. It was an organisation of sorts, like boyscouts. This particular day, probably just for no other reason than to bask in the glory, i had proclaimed a leadership election. I would be re-elected president for sure, no doubt in my mind. But a fun exercise anyway.

Not only was ANOTHER guy elected president – i got ZERO votes. Leavning me the positoin of “Cook” in our organisation. I was in shock and despair. I couldnt understand what had just happened. And i did’t have a clue that i just learned a powerful leadership lesson that follows me to this day: Overconfidence is fatal and the line between success and failure is so thin that you might never know you have passed it.

Overconfidence is fatal. That is why there are no great leaders, if you ask themselves. Only good ones striving for greatness.

So great leaders are like rainbows – they do exist, great and colourful. But they can only be admired from a afar.

Remember that on your own journey.


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