Sep 19, 2012
Kenneth Verlage

Every day is a lesson, every mistake is your teacher.

I know Top Managers that claims that if you need management education you are not made of the right stuff in the first place. Those cowboys are all wrong off course. But in a sense they are not.

Lets face it: most management training out there is crap. Total wast of time. And so are the trainers. ANYONE can start a training in managment, and it seems anyone does.

If someone wants to teach you something about ANYTHING, it needs to be someone that you can respect for their knowledge and skills.

This is true for only a very few trainers. Most know only the theory of a certain “wonder”-program and nothing more. No practical training, no thinking of their own. No experience.

Imagine me starting a school for soccer goalkeepers. I have never been a goalkeeper, nor am i particuraly intrested in soccer. But I know in theory how to get the job done. Catch the ball, god damn it! I mean how hard can THAT be? So I tell the students to get out there and catch the ball. I manage to teach them the extreme basics of goalkeeping, and at the same time they learned practically nothing about the real deal. Why? Because football, just like management, is not a science but an art.

And to learn an art, you need to be taught by an artist.

Theorethcal training will teach you the only the obvious, like “catch the ball”.

You need to hit the grass and start running. You will miss a lot of balls in the beginning and you will have to put in huge time and effort in training. But soon you will start catching some, and soon you will start seeing what balls to run for and which not.

Every day is a lesson, every mistake is your teacher.
The months passing by becomes your university and the years your graduation.

You just need to dare to trust yourself and let it in.


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