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Kenneth Verlage is an International Senior Executive Director with 20 years of hard-won experience from Sales, Operations, General Management and IT.

With a firm belief that simple is better Verlage has performed an extensive record of quality business improvements, always with an holistic and innovative view.

Kenneth Verlage’s recipe for management success is based on extensive knowledge of business fundamentals and human nature. His works have rendered him fine acknowledgement from great companies like DHL, Gartner, Procter & Gamble, SAAB, Unilever and many more.

Kenneth is today a corporate executive with Postnord and CIO Postnord Logistics.

the best CIO I know”
Nore Kamoun, Regional Manager East and Central Europe, Swedish Trade Council

“always stand up for he’s employees”
Anders Sederholm,
Product Manager – DHL

“thinking innovative but at the same time pragmatic, triggering real break troughs”
Claudio Maffetti, Director of IT Strategic Projects, DHL

“His customer facing skills are excellent” “able to take tough decisions when necessary”
Stuart Ayling, IT Director, Northen Europe, DHL Supply Chain

“not the typical CIO, he knows also the main logics around company management which of course makes him a CIO with value added for any CEO”
Nicola Verzura, CFO, Finance Director Nordic & Baltic, DHL

“Kenneth has been known to me for 3 years, during which time I have come to respect him more and more. His quiet sensitivity belies an acute intellect, and commercial toughness which could be seen as “ice-cold” Skandinavian. However this would be an understatement as his warmth and sense of humour combine with his strategic grasp of business to produce a leader who could grace many a national board. Whether Kenneth confines his interests to the corporate world or “does his own thing” he will remain an individual who is first and foremost a human being. A superb accolade in this world of mad-house, self-interested consumerism”
Stuart Irwin, Owner, Quandoc Limited

“has held numerous management positions within the DHL Group. His solid management skills combined with a hard won experience of strategic change projects have made him a highly regarded senior manager. In 2001 Kenneth became CIO creating a totally re-designed IT-solution for DHL in the Nordics. Using a bold mix of classic ingredients, business focus and new technology Kenneth Verlage’s IT-department came out as a low cost and high quality benchmark. In early 2009 Kenneth stepped up to his latest role – CIO for DHL Express in the Nordics where he now spearheads the change of IT from Classical IT into one of the company’s most important business enablers”
Gartner Inc, Speakers Introduction – Gartner Symposium ITxpo.