Sep 4, 2012
Kenneth Verlage

YES, you may build your own!

You may build you own IT applications, but ONLY if:

1) They support your business Core functions and
2) It adds substancial commercial advantage and
3) Time To Market is less than 6 months


  • How about if it have lower TCO than the alternative?

    • I figure its also about focus – you should put your investments in the core processes where your value is created. If you weight in revenue (as you should) i would be extremly suprised if you can get a favourable businesscase OUTSIDE your core business. So TCO is only half the picture – we need to invent TPR – Total Profit of Ownership! Remember where you heard that first! ;-)

      What im saying basically is that companies would get far greater leverage from their investments if they followed this strategy.

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